Things I Have Learned Today

1) – according to this study, the myth that men are naturally more aggressive than women seems to be blown out of the water – or at least, in a behavioural study on the disinhibiting factors of deindividualising people – eg getting people to play an aggressive multiplayer game where there are no indicators of anyone else’s identity and therefore they don’t feel that they have to conform to societal expectations – shows that there’s not really much to choose from. On reflection I don’t think this is particularly news to anyone who actually watches and listens to people around them, but interesting to have it looked at from a research point of view – or is that me being passive aggressive?

2) – negotiating with a bank actually seems to be one of those few times when mentioning a history of depression actually helps. I’ve had a very interesting conversation while trying to sort out a final payment on loans and things where I mentioned it in passing and was suddenly fast-tracked to some very helpful people and a total change in approach and willingness to help as opposed to stonewalling.

3) – the spiders outside my flat are somehow still getting bigger. I think they’re combining Voltron-style in the night and planning to build a trap for the robins from next door…

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