New (Re)connections

Last week wasn’t the most productive on the writing front, mainly as I had my daughter staying over and I wanted to make the most of the time with her. There was a job interview on the Monday which wasn’t successful, and my first paid gig doing some basic support work for a local firm on the Tuesday morning – but otherwise it was a week of playing Halo, reading and generally kicking back.

This week has been a little more focussed, with some writing actually occurring – I’m writing up descriptions and back stories for some characters that meet sticky ends in the main novel. The text may not end up being used in the final narrative but they should give me inspiration for incidental details of their surroundings when I write their proper scenes.

The big impacts this week though have been some fairly “out of the blue” reconnections with people I either used to work with or have friendships that have been a bit long-distance over the last few years. I suppose if there’s one thing that these encounters have underlined is just how much has changed over the last couple of years for me as I seem to be coming away from these meetings with an extremely dry throat from reeling out all the edited highlights. Its also flagged up for me just how complex so many other people’s lives have been over the last couple of years, with each person relaying sometimes complex and frequently heartwrenching tales of trials and tribulations.

Objectively, some of these stories I’ve been listening to with a little voice at the back of my head asking if they’ve learned from these stories – others I’ve listened and had to make sure not to spool out my own worries and fears alongside theirs – and others have been heard with a rueful grin and shared sense of winning despite the best efforts of those around us.

Many of the tales have figured one or more person who has been a rock and foundation for their narrator – most have included some moment of self-sabotage – and all have concluded with a slightly dazed “infodump shock” moment as all concerned try to mentally update their mental image of the other.

Now to make sure that anything I use as a detail in my stories isn’t immediately attributable 😉

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