A Few Cost Comparisons

Now things are becoming clearer, we’re starting to try and make travel arrangements for the funeral – and I’ve spent most of this afternoon costing up different modes of travel between London and Middlesborough. The candidates so far are; flight, train and car.

My first surprise was that there are no London-based flights to Middlesborough/Durham/Teeside. I could get a connecting flight via Amsterdam that would make the travel times about four hours though… Or I could drive to Southampton and get a flight from there to Teeside for around £400. Ouch.

Or I could get the train – total time about four hours, with 3 changes at Waterloo, King’s Cross and Darlington – for around £200

Or I can drive – about four hours – for the cost of a tank or two of petrol, so let’s say around £100.

Let’s see what travelling by coach costs… I’m not expecting a miracle here… oh, well that seems to be better – £25-£30 – what’s that? a six or seven hour journey – each way?


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