If its Wednesday, I must have been out last night

So last night we went out – for what seems the first time in a while. Technically it hasn’t been a while as we went to see the new Harry Potter film last week, but this is the first time in quite a while that we’ve gathered ourselves together and gone out up to London after work for an evening.

The event, to give it even more cachet, was to see a friend perform stand-up in a room above the Comedy Pub just off Piccadilly Circus. It was part of a course she’s been on, rather than a paying gig, but there were members of the public there so it counts.

We’d a vague idea that some of our long and rambling and frequently bawdy conversation would make it into the material, but when V approached us a little sheepishly before going on and said: “now guys, bear in mind I lie on stage” I figured we were in for a treat. I make a point of not being ashamed of anything I say or do – or to use “counselling speak” of owning my words and actions – so I have no problem with things being reused by people – especially when it makes them laugh.

The whole evening was compered by the course tutor – and of course being sat front and centre we got targeted for some good-natured banter and feel we gave as well as we got: having been together for over two years now and still holding hands in public (!) we seemed to be something of an amazement to people…

And then V was on stage and lamenting the state of her non-existent sex life – which for someone as private and gentle as she is was a major leap in the dark. I do wonder if the sudden urge to present the latter half of her set in profile was down to embarassment though.

Some people were more polished than others – and we had a gatecrash by Gavin Inskip talking about the dark arts of pre-recording continuity announcements for BBC3 and Channel 5 as part of his set – but all in all it was a good night out

So yes – a nice cheap night out and good to get out of the flat to scare the tourists who were overly intent on gathering around “Eros”

Its made today’s washing and hoovering seem rather mundane really…

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