Christmas Preparations

Up to a couple of months ago, I wasn’t certain that we’d really be having a Christmas this year. Like pretty much everyone at the moment, the financial situation has been tenuous at best – and with the efforts to save enough money to pay for the wedding it looked like we would be probably making christmas cards for people and nothing else. Then of course we had a resolution of the PPI complaint and suddenly we were in a position to pay for the wedding in one shot with a few extras, pay off all outstanding debts and buy a few presents for people without going crazy.

Well, I say a few presents – but my living room is now swamped in parcels wrapped up for the various far-flung members of our extended clan, and there’s a few big presents for a couple of people. We’ve done it by basically budgeting for something silly and something at least halfway nice for people, rounded off by ruthlessly exploiting deals on tins of chocolate at the supermarket and money-back offers at the local waterstones which has yielded a few extra book tokens (having not been able to afford books for a couple of years, we’ve spent a good few hundred pounds on books for ourselves and as gifts this month as a reward)

And suddenly – yes, we have a lot less carpet space at the moment – but we seem to have managed to complete all our Christmas Shopping before the end of November. Now to sit back and watch people go nuts trying to work out what they’ve got. I’m going to enjoy this…


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