Back to Work

I can’t put it off any longer – the Christmas period and New Year’s frivolities have distracted me, and the rounds of visiting and being visited have put me in no mood to write, let alone get cracking with the old job applications – but now everyone else is back at work, or school, or getting drenched in the torrential rain I’ve been seeing out the window I’ve opened the notebooks and got back to the writing.

In my own defense I haven’t been totally quiescent on the writing front, but its been mostly devoted to editing the material produced in the last few months into a coherent chapter structure in line with the beat chart and general plan for the story. In the process I’ve discovered that one of the things I must never do if I know there’s a break in activity coming up, is to stop writing at the end of a chapter. From now on I shall make sure I break mid-chapter or at the very least with a few sentences to act as a hook. I stopped writing at seven and am finding it very difficult to start chapter eight

So I am turning to the time-honoured practice of writing gibberish on blank paper for the sole purpose of getting something – anything – down on the page. And part of that gibberish is this blog entry, as I’m well aware I’ve not been very active here over the last month or so while I’ve been on my travels up and down the country.

So today has mostly been split between research for an interview tomorrow for a job that would be relatively local (fingers crossed, and all that), picking up the suit I put in for dry-cleaning yesterday during what felt like an all-day cloudburst, being amazed that I’m down to a 38″ waist for the first time in about twelve years (I actually found this out at the weekend when I went looking for new jeans, but its still only just sinking in), and did more wedding preparation stuff – like paying off the outstanding balance for our photography, booking the fitting for my suit rental and trying to contact the jewellers who made our rings to arrange for them to be cleaned and polished in time for the ceremony.

Oh – and I’m still trying to put together a track listing for the wedding and for the beginning of the reception – more difficult than I expected, mostly because I keep getting distracted by strange tracks I’d forgotten I had in my iTunes collection or stuck in mp3 archives.

I may resort to sticking lists on the wall and throwing blu-tack at them to make the final selections…

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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One Response to Back to Work

  1. Patricia says:

    I sympathize – I’m trying to get back into my story, too, and fiddling with the structure. What a good idea to stop writing in the middle of a chapter. I think I’ll adopt that next time.


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