Wedding Preparations

So back into the swing of the new year – and if this was a project or new build, I’d call this the ‘snagging’ stage, where I’m just picking off small issues or minor additions that aren’t going to kill the budget or cause problems. For example, this week I’ve gone and got more of the LED candles made of wax to replace the real candles in a metal frame that we’d intended to put along the mantelpiece in the main room.

A bag of LED candles

A bag of pseudocandles

This is where we’ll be eating the main meal and, later, partying like Maidments (my Office spellcheck usually tries to correct my name to Madmen – seems appropriate in this case).

This candle replacement was prompted by going back to check the rooms just before Christmas and noting that the large fireplace is both very narrow and topped with an enormous wood-framed mirror. Given that its a listed building, I didn’t think they’d appreciate scorch marks or accidental fires, so the initial plan to have tea lights along the fireplace had to be modified – hence the artificial candles that will flicker for hours, remain cool to the touch, and if knocked over will merely bounce rather than spill hot wax over children and other guests. Not bad for a mere £1.99 ex VAT at the local warehouse…

In other news we’ve also finalised what music we’ll be playing at the ceremony and I’ve finally got round to burning them to CD to send to the venue, with a spare for the registrar’s office in Shrewsbury so they can familiarise themselves with the audio cues and track lengths. They’re not traditional in any sense of the word – if nothing else as a civil ceremony we’re not allowed to use religious music – but I think they’ll go well with the setting and our generally irreverent approach to life. The entrance is a piece of music taken from a film soundtrack which I suspect will divide opinion, the music to accompany the signing of the register is a violin, electric guitar and electronica arrangement of Tchaikovsky’s 1812  Festival overture which should confuse and amuse in equal amounts, and then the exit is actually composed of two tracks – ‘Honey’ by Moby, followed by ‘Finish The Fight’ from the Halo3 soundtrack which is suitably triumphal with a side order of ‘now get out the room so we can reconfigure it as a dining room’.

From the comments I’m getting from people, there’s a certain buzz starting to build around this event… I’ve even had offers of people turning up in armour to form honour guards for the bride…

I may take them up on it

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Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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