Cupcake Decorating

Its been a bit of a mixed week – mostly sorting out odds and ends for the wedding like presents for various parents and escorting t’other half into the high street for her first haircut in a couple of years and her first ever eyebrow threading – mandated by the person who will be doing her makeup on the day.

A small cupcake tower

Cupcakes Galore

Its also been a week where my daughter has discovered she enjoys making and decorating cupcakes. When I wandered over to see her on Wednesday there was a small pile of delights waiting in the kitchen to explore.

Made with chocolate sponge and decorated with butter icing and (variously) glace cherries, sugar threads and those curiously solid silver sugar balls capable of cracking tooth enamel at forty paces, they were lovely and light and not too sugary to enjoy even for me.

Imagine my delight this evening then when Lottie unpacked a small mountain of decorating gear, a couple of boxes of fresh cupcakes, some icing sugar and proceeded to mark her stay with us this weekend with yet more – this time with a plain sponge and a butter icing we put together with some cocoa powder and vanilla essence.

Lottie Icing

Lottie Icing

Some we’ve eaten – others are earmarked for some friends that she’s visiting tomorrow. This has been cause for some amusement in our household – because this marks the first time on a weekend with us that she’s asked to spend time elsewhere. My little girl’s growing up…

Ah well – at least she’s following in our footsteps and ensuring that as a good guest she takes food and drink with her to share with her friends. I strongly doubt we’ll see any of the new batch of cupcakes left over when she returns later in the evening…

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