Paperweights and Wedding Preparations

Yikes – blink and the weeks have flown by – and largely that damn Skyrim game to blame for eating vast chunks of both my time and that of t’other half. On the plus side we now have a final count for the number of guests so have been able to put together a working table plan and pay the final amounts outstanding to the venue.

This afternoon then I’ve been trying to photograph various objects to act as identifiers for the tables. We went with a castle name theme for the tables – appropriate given where we’ll be, we thought – so have chosen eight names that have a castle as their suffix: Durham, Leeds, Cardiff, New, Edinburgh, Windsor, Rowton and Sand – the latter being our table because… well just because really – it makes me smile.

After a number of tries to find anything useful that works I’ve decided that each table will be represented by a different paperweight

a paperweight cluster

United Colours of Rowton?

– and the photo of that paperweight will be by each table on the plan, and the corresponding paperweight on the table itself as a visual cue for those who can’t be bothered to read.

There’s enough variation in the look and colours of what I’ve got knocking around the flat that they should be easy enough to differentiate – but just in case, we’re producing written labels too, and will have The Boys on duty to shoo people to the right places while we do the receiving line (well, I say receiving line, but it’ll be me and the new Mrs at the door, using it as a good excuse to see anyone we haven’t already managed to catch at that point.)

Its all gathering pace…

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