(Re)Married a Week

This time last week I was driving home from Rowton in a car completely stuffed full of cakes, table decorations, overnight bags, suits, dresses, bridesmaids and, of course, Jo.

Lined up outside the castle with sword-hilted umbrellas
The Boys With Toys

We drove home through wind, rain and on one occasion just south of Oxford, snow, and kept bumping into fellow travellers from the castle at various service stations along the way. I even made security at Starbucks nervous by turning up with one of the sword-hilted umbrellas in hand from sheltering my daughter from the downpour outside.

And then we were home and we’ve got on with the general business of getting on with life, and sorting out all the other bits of paperwork that are needed after events like this – banks are currently processing name changes and jo’s passport and dvla registration are all lined up for updating too. Work for both of us has been steady, and I suppose its only now a week on that we’re starting to pick up with people just how cool last week was. For me, its been pretty much a blur – I can remember talking to a few people, and a lot of photos being taken but from the stories that are starting to emerge it seems to be being reckoned as a pretty epic event.

Somewhat reassuring after all the work that went into planning it… More to follow…