EVE: Lessons Learned In Closing A Corp

So far, the exodus from Masalle to Lonetrek has been relatively painless, and its given me a chance to get to grips with some of the peculiarities of shutting a corp down – something that you don’t tend to hear much about. By and large its quite simple, a matter of reminding people to remove their roles and kicking your own inactive alts, but I did have one minor hiccup

One of the things that the system does warn you about when you go to resign as a CEO is that any of your stuff held in offices is likely to be lost – sold on at no profit to you, so I dutifully made sure to deliver everything in the hangars to appropriate personal hangars and made sure all manufacturing and research queues were cleared. Being sure I’d cleared the decks I resigned, closing the corp…

…and noticed about sixty corp open orders selling things on the markets which were now essentially useless. In a blind moment of panic I then cancelled those orders, hoping the unsold materials would end up back in deliveries or something – but no, all lost to the ether…


In the grand scale of things, it could have been worse – it was ‘only’ about twenty million isk of saleable items, being all tier 1 supply basics for starters that I’d put out there to test the market, but even so it was a definite “oh bugger” moment that I’ve learned from. I have to admit the sting was reduced somewhat by learning that our new CEO in the Nocxium Dogs had that morning lost about a billion isk when his afk Orca got ganked so I’m feeling that somehow I’ve not done so badly out of the move.

The Old Ludd Portrait

The Old Ludd Portrait

In other news, I was wandering around the forums when I noticed that someone had been taking a look at the difference between the old EVE character portraits and the ones you can now generate with the Carbon engine, and had whipped up a small app to allow you to compare your characters side by side. For those who fancy a cheap laugh, here’s the link to the app so you can go and check for

The New Ludd Portrait

The New Ludd Portrait

yourselves; go look up your own character; and of course the current and previous portraits are recreated here for your more general amusement if you don’t want to go gallivanting off anywhere else.

Right, back to transporting ships between regions and trying to set my own industrial chains back up in a new area…

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