The Homemade Wedding Album

Its something of a work in progress but while we continue to try and get everyone else’s photos so that we can do something interesting with them, I’ve been taking a kind of scrap-booking approach to the book that we had everyone sign on the day. In between the various messages of congratulations, goodwill and downright whimsy, I’ve been pasting copies of the readings, photographs of people and other items connected to the whole event.

The Invitation

The Invitation, and some wedding favours

As a result, something quite odd and yet very…us… is coming into being. Its full of lovely snippets and memories, and the texts of things like ‘The Invitation’ by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, which was our first reading – but then I’ve also been drawing all over it, which as anyone who’s known me for any length of time knows means that there’s some pretty surreal imagery floating around in there. Not that there’s anything inappropriate – this is our book of memories of the day, after all – but this homemade wedding album is turning into something of a labour of love that I can keep working on in small increments through the weeks as new bits and pieces present themselves.

Pictures from before the wedding, and mention of the stag night

Scenes Before A Wedding

I’m also making sure to leave plenty of space for the honeymoon – whenever we manage to get round to that – so airplane stubs will no doubt get put in it at some point.

There’s a card from the Stag-Night-That-Wasn’t-Really-A-Stag-Night-Honest-Its-A-Birthday-Party Party, and shots of the Bride and Groom with appropriate attendants before the event itself (as seen to the left here), and an incredible amount of gold, silver and white pigment ink all across the black heavy grain paper pages. We’ve started threatening to bring it round to people so they can see it evolve, but I suspect this is very much going to keep growing and changing for quite some time.

The Meanings of Flowers and the Bridesmaids Assembled

The Meanings of Flowers and the Bridesmaids Assembled

And I think that’s a good thing, because it reflects the ongoing dance and evolution of our relationship and life. We’ve never really managed to do things in a traditional manner, what with living in different countries for a while and adopting a lifestyle that in some ways could be seen as a reversal of many of the gender stereotypes. Jo is currently the major breadwinner in our household, while I stay at home, cook, clean and earn some pin money with the writing while forcing myself to keep an eye on the endgame of getting the book finished and published – and for preference to start training for a counselling diploma. For now though, we have a homemade and evolving wedding album, to match the homemade and evolving marriage, and the symmetry of that pleases me.

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Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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