Slowly getting back up to speed

Its been an interesting experience being generally disconnected from online life the last couple of weeks. I’ve been using my Frankenstein’s Desktop machine as a stand-in, hence the occasional spotty activity online, but given that it is at least six years old it has a few speed issues and is given to lurching from keystroke to keystroke like a drunken snail.

To add to the whole experience, my iPhone decided it no longer wanted to talk to wifi spots and started crashing and freezing more than usual, so I had to bite the proverbial bullet and decide what I wanted for an upgrade. This now leaves me with the entertainment of setting up both a new laptop and a new phone simultaneously. Its been quite refreshing in some ways: especially in forcing me to prioritise what software I reinstall and update and which websites I reconnect to, as well as imposing new routines for handling emails – something the new phone (the Samsung Galaxy S2) is much better at handling than the iPhone for example.

The new laptop has brought me into using 64 bit computing for the first time – so there’s been all sorts of fun downloading new versions of common bits of software; and I have to admit I’m generally enjoying Windows 7 – though considering I’ve been using Vista for the last few years that’s like saying I’m enjoying being in a pillow fight much more than being hit with bunches of nettles…

So here I am on a Saturday morning – on the third anniversary of myself and Jo getting together back in Switzerland – with me tapping away in the light gloom and t’other half semi-conscious with a migraine (or possibly a hangover, its hard to tell in this light). At some point I’ll get up and eat, but for now its nice and quiet and I’m hardly cursing my brain’s decision that I’ve had enough sleep for now. Outside, it looks gloomy and overcast so I think I’ll stay here in my pit just a little longer and work out how I’m going to get my protagonist out of the corner I’ve just written him into.

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