Trudging Along

Trying to get back into the swing of things is proving… a challenge… so I’ve reverted to writing long hand in journals so that I can retype later.

Notebook and Pen

These go pretty much everywhere with me

As a result I’ve been working on some short stories that I’ll post here that are unrelated to the ongoing novel and that will be thrown up here in the spirit of “here’s something interesting to read – I hope”.

There’s a definite inertia to sitting in front of the screen that I don’t seem to get with a pen and paper in front of me – at least, the inertia’s there when I’m trying to write for myself. Writing for the day job (so to speak) tends to be more focused and that’s probably because its a case of already having a target to aim for and a specific brief. For the more creative writing I sometimes start with a fairly hazy idea of what I’m going to write, so the less structured environment of pen and paper seems more conducive to letting the ideas flow. Quite often I’ll start with a series of unconnected short paragraphs or fragments of conversation and that will then get the ball rolling. On the laptop, even with the aid of Scrivener, I seem to feel compelled to try and start new files for each new fragment – whereas the more anarchic blank page doesn’t imply that structure so I don’t pressure myself.

That’s self awareness moment of the day, right there folks…

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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2 Responses to Trudging Along

  1. beckony says:

    Whenever I get stuck, I have one of those 25-cent notebooks I start writing in. I heard that it actually accesses a different brain area than on the computer. I also like how it adds that extra layer of editing when you type it up.


    • Tim Maidment says:

      That’s pretty much the approach I’ve been taking – I’ve a small mountain of notebooks on the shelves that I dip into these days. Accessing different parts of the brain makes sense – my notebooks are covered in doodles in and around what I write so I’m definitely tapping something different 🙂


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