Irregular Posting Strikes Again

I seem to have developed an inability to remember my own passwords of late, and so have been resetting and changing the passphrases that I use on the various websites and services that I use. In general this is a good thing, both in terms of security and in terms of re-evaluating whether I’m actually using said website or service. As a result I’ve also been closing a lot of things down that I don’t need or use any more.

This site is not one of those – though I have been lax in getting round to it of late. Truth be told I’ve been working my backside off on paying work that has been both hard and not actually very well paid at all. While t’other half was in full time work, this wasn’t so much of a problem; but following some management shenanigans she has not been offered an ongoing role and so today is her last day in work.

I’ve managed to secure a part time job locally – pending people being nice in my references – which will go some way towards paying the rent. We also have our honeymoon money set aside as a safety net for a couple of months and whatever small amounts I can make from the paying writing work – so its not all doom and gloom, but its enough to set my teeth on edge a little while we tighten belts again.


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