Good grief, is that the time?

So yes, I’m aware that this isn’t perhaps the most regularly updated blog at the moment – and that’s partly down to life having its little ups and downs. As a result I’m sometimes not really in the mood to write here after complex days at work or after slogging after a deadline.

That said, its gone midnight here, t’other half is sleeping off what was sounding suspiciously like the beginnings of a migraine earlier, and I’ve just voraciously consumed the first four books in the Parasol Protectorate series. At the risk of sounding like George Takei: “Oh My!” Run, don’t walk, and grab these books for some lighthearted steam-punk horror-fantasy romps. I wish I’d written them, they’re that good.

Perhaps its the characterisation in them as the main protagonists seem to resemble us in many ways – both in terms of acerbic humour and bloodymindedness and in the passionate daftness. Though that said I’m reasonably certain I’ve never been mistaken for a werewolf and t’other half is not even remotely Italian…


About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Raconteur and Bon Vivant
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