A Gentle Christmas

We’ve had a quiet Christmas, marred only by the faint sound of slightly hysterical giggling at the truly epic over-catering I’ve done this year.

Our venison haunch roast nearly went wrong on the timings, and perhaps I should have had a quick look up of a recipe on making a red wine reduction before booking a bottle of claret and a pint of chocolate stout half to death… but we rescued the meal with only a minimum of swearing and self recrimination between us.

We had Christmas Day to ourselves this year: the first one post-wedding. It’s still odd to think that this time last year we were focussed entirely on the beginning of March. This year we’re starting to plan for our long-delayed honeymoon. I’ve lost track of the number of people who have asked about it.

We’re still, truth be told, getting used to not having to scrimp and save all the time. After a tight few years, it’s only really starting now to sink in that for the moment we’re reasonably comfortable with t’other half’s job. Now all I have to do is finish this novel and keep submitting the short stories.

But first: we need to finish the whirlwind your of the UK that we’re currently doing. Assuming of course the country doesn’t get washed away in all this rain.

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