A low week

As much as I sometimes mutter and moan about the writing, there’s no doubt that I wouldn’t miss it for the world. This is especially true when feeling down and in need of distraction.

This week is a prime example, with material coming up in counselling that had me very introspective and actually feeling decidedly low. The distraction of writing came to the rescue.

How so? Well it gave me something to focus in on, and a persona or two to slip into for the blogging articles that I write on others’ behalf. Precisely what I needed to pull me out of myself.

Instead of struggling to get out of bed, I write about food and travel, dating and encounters with trolls. When that did not suffice, I fired up the XBox and lost myself in virtual worlds.

As the week rolls to a close, I’m informed there’s a twinkle back in my eye and more of a spring in my step, so I must be doing something right.

One thought on “A low week

  1. Michael 01/04/2013 / 2:29 am

    A tough one to crack, depending on whether you’re going through a low period or whether you’ve encountered something particularly upsetting.

    I’ve found creating/developing things an excellent fix several years ago. It’s a distraction, something that encourages inspiration, bestows a sense of achievement and direction.
    Others find the answer in spirituality and fitness regime. Not religion as such, but something like Aikido (there’s a style of it for everyone) that puts your mind, body and environment in sync. A healthy body is a healthy mind.


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