Bit of a Random Day

T’other half is out somewhere in London, presumably having a good time at a colleague’s leaving do. As half expected, the “I’ll be there a couple of hours and come home for supper” hasn’t happened, so I’m deciding whether to make something light or order some take-out. Hopefully I’ll get a text message back soon to confirm either way what the plans are, otherwise I’ll make a random choice to push back the grumpiness that comes with being a diabetic with low blood sugar.

Today hasn’t really gone entirely to plan, which is a bit of a pain. With it being pay day I’ve been sorting out bills, sending invoices and doing several trips to the supermarket to stock up the freezer and get some basic supplies in. I’ve almost certainly not got everything, as my brain has been somewhat scatty today and I’ve had to keep going back to get odds and ends. I’ve also ended up picking up parcels that should have been delivered yesterday, put out the washing, done a small mountain of washing up and hoovered the bedroom and bathroom because, well, it just needed doing.

I’ve popped on to EVE and updated skill training and done a bit of mining while chatting to a few people, and then on to Dust514 for some random Skirmish and Domination matches. There’s even been a bit of writing, but not as much as I’d hoped.

Now I’m just trying to get back into playing Skyrim after a year and a bit break. I’ve decided that rather than dive back into my original character I’ll start up a new one and play differently to get back up to speed – then I can go back to the main to finish that one’s storyline. Well, it’s something to do, isn’t it?

Am I annoyed with my day so far? Yes – but I’m not going to dwell on it. Time to eat and get back to transcribing from notebooks. This evening’s section of novel concerns a battle with a banshee in a greasy spoon cafe…

Evening Thoughts

This week has just flown by. I can barely believe its nearly Friday already. Most likely this has been exaggerated by the Bank Holiday this Monday just past which replaced one of the full days I normally work at the library.

Fortunately I’m ahead of myself with the commercial writing work this week, so I can focus a bit more on housework and writing some fiction for myself. With t’other half out at a colleague’s leaving do tomorrow, I suspect I may look up from my keyboard quite late in the evening and feel somewhat bemused.

For now I’m sprawled in bed feeling rather alpha male with Lady M curled up, head on my chest. Her breathing is a soft counterpoint to the sounds of traffic in the distance and I have to admit… that I am content.

Night all, hope your evenings are as chilled and happy as you all prefer.

Summer of Fun

The last month or so, we’ve been enjoying the fruits of a deliberate large expenditure that is now saving us huge amounts of money. We’re saving like mad for the honeymoon, true, but we’ve also been talking for a couple of years about investing in a Merlin Pass for when we’re out and about with Small. Last month we bit the bullet and finally got some as a family while out at Legoland.

To say that we’re getting our money’s worth is something of an understatement. We’re situated roughly smack bang in the middle of a number of major attractions like Thorpe Park, Chessington and the above-mentioned Legoland, all about 20-30 minutes away, so our weekends are now allowing us to rediscover rollercoasters and rides of various shapes and sizes.

The number one advantage has been the discovery that being able to wander in past all the queues at the entrance really does take away all the stresses about time that we’d usually have. By this I mean that before getting the tickets we’d have been stressing about getting there early, the amount of time spent in queues for popular rides – not to mention the general expense of heading out as a family.

Now, we joke about wandering over to Thorpe Park to jump on one ride before heading out to somewhere else. It has transformed the weekends that we have Small over to stay with us, if nothing else. In theory, going to each of the local parks once each would see us breaking even on the costs. Today was our seventh park trip so we’re well ahead of the game. When you factor in a twenty percent discount on food and drink there… well we really can’t complain.

Especially when we effectively get to fling ourselves down rides like this more or less at will (well, okay, barring a bit of queueing…)

Oh good grief…

I feel such a bad blogger. Worse, I’m unfaithful and have been seeing other blogs. For money. That’s my excuse for not writing here for a while. Well, time to remedy that now I’m starting to get an equilibrium of sorts.

There are going to be more, often shorter, updates here as I build it into my daily routine. More of a mix of snapshot of life moments and oddities I’ve found while researching for stories, and the occasional rant.

Sort of business as usual, but more so.