Juggling in the Heat

It probably says a lot about both the typical British summer and the length of time that it seems to have been winter that I originally planned to start this article with a reference to it being “unseasonably hot”. Thankfully a faint spark of common sense kicked into action and reminded me that it is the end of July. The schools are just finishing their terms here, and my daughter is staying over this week.

Between the hours I’m doing at the library, the writing work and the general day to day household odds and ends I am still managing to spend a reasonably good amount of time with her. We spent the weekend revisiting TopGolf and (surprise, surprise) toddled back to Thorpe Park on Sunday where we all sweltered in the heat and enjoyed getting soaked on the Tidal Wave ride. I’m told the heat will be lessening over the course of this week, so we’ve been determined to make the most of it and get out to explore.

My other motivation for enjoying the weather has been simply to add a contrast to the humid and close conditions at the library. The recent work to replace the heating system put in air vents that supply the output of an air conditioning system – but the powers that be decided that this functionality would be locked off and the system set to turn the heating on every day at seven in the morning. After some picking through those portions of the menu systems not locked down, we have at least managed to cancel the heating by deleting the schedule, which should prevent some heat exhaustion – but for now we rely on the old school methods of open doors and windows and the strategic use of fans to cool us as we move stock around and help the heat addled members of the public.

Our customers seem somewhat confused about the arrangements, but one unexpected benefit has been that some of our more… assertive and idiosyncratic… customers seem to be too tired from the heat to get up to their usual behaviour sets.

Perhaps we should keep some water pistols under the desk to refresh them if they seem to be succumbing to the conditions too much…

This afternoon’s achievement has been to go on the Swarm ride backwards with Lottie – and I think I have a new addition to the list of favourites…

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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