EVE update

So I’ve been bibbling around doing mostly industrial and trading things in EVE lately. I’m pretty much running around on a casual basis, but I’m making enough turnover to cover corp office costs and a handful of tens of millions in profit along the way.

It’s not bad, but long term and more involved players are probably already raising objections that there are easier/more exciting ways to play. They’re right, for the most part, and that’s fine, even though their approaches largely rely on being part of larger groups.

I’m mostly a solitary player these days, and that’s largely down to disliking everyone’s insistence on using voice comms when I’m usually playing either with other people in the room, or while I’m writing on a separate machine. I’m contrary, awkward and stubborn, with a fast typing rate; so the minute someone starts insisting on using ventrilo servers I switch off.

I also seem to be a rare breed of player in EVE in that I’ve only once used PLEX to gather additional funds. The healthy ISK balance I currently have has come from a slow but steady, largely trading-based approach over the last few years while Real Life has been turbulent. I didn’t have time to trade shots and insults online while trying to fend off banks, bailiffs, lawyers and the fallout from a painful divorce and recovery from mental illness pretty much all at the same time.

Today though, something pretty rare happened, in one of those emergent gameplay moments that makes EVE so fascinating. I turned away from my laptop this afternoon while quietly mining and lost my Mining Barge to some player pirates who were having a gentle rampage through Domain today. (The link to the killmail is here, btw, and I just noticed one of them got tapped by one of my drones, so I’m on his killmail – here)

The old instincts kicked in and I bounced my pod from bookmarked location to location while the player hostility timer ran out before finally docking up. I chatted with the guys in local while I did it and we got chatting about Faction Warfare as an alternative income route.

It’s something I’d toyed with when it first came out, but didn’t really pursue for the reasons given above, but I have more time now, and the implication of more casual pvp has a certain draw. With promises to consider it and offers of introductions to militias of choice flooding the local channel I signed off so I could go pick up Lady M from the station.

Let’s face it, a good chatter with fellow gamers is far healthier than any sulk over a lost ship, because a) I don’t fly anything I can’t afford to replace, b) It’s only an internet spaceships game, even of it is serious business, and c) it’s my own fault for not keeping an eye out and it did, after all, give me a nice unexpected adrenaline buzz…

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Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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