Roll20 Experiment: Week Four

Just about squeezing this one in, mainly because it’s been a busy week and my brain seems to have become adept at turning cartwheels while remaining in place. Week Four’s big improvement was our GM managing to not delete anyone by mistake..! Unfortunately what we did have to cope with was a fair bit of fiddling around to sort out sound levels. This isn’t an issue with the Roll20 website, to be fair, but rather one brought about by complicated audio setups at our GM’s end (he’s been known to produce the odd bit of music here and there, so there are a surprising number of knobs to twiddle). Once our collective audioscape was a little calmer and sounding less like an apocalyptic rave party featuring Mr Snuffleupagus and some Slaanesh Noise Marines, we were able to start.

The previous session ended with a surprise encounter with a kobold – a sort of reptilian humanoid with a reputation for setting traps and being highly organised – weak on their own, but potentially big trouble if allowed to plan and gather numbers. Fortunately, this particular tribe had been native to the area before the goblins and orcs invaded, and had been rather overpowered by the hydra that we had just slain, so after agreeing to rid them of some unpleasant slimes that had moved into another area of their territory, the adventurers were able to negotiate passage through their area into the abandoned complex that was our main objective.

Mindful of stories of the dead rising during the invasion, our initial movements into the catacombs were cautious – which was just as well when skeletal warriors began to harass the group. Other, more powerful, undead began to be drawn to the conflict, and a wall of fire was used to barricade off their approach while dealing with the most immediate issues. Once the cleric and paladin got into the swing of things, the undead began to fall back or be destroyed by their demonstrations of faith – leaving only monstrous spiders to ruin the day of the unwary.

A session of epic battles and growing unease then, as we all start to get used to our respective characters and their limits. It all seems to be going rather well – and it is getting me thinking of running something myself as and when this adventure comes to a close…

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