Maldives Honeymoon : Part One

This last week proved to be a little more exciting than anticipated. The original plan had been to let Lady M focus on recertifying for her scuba diving and possibly working towards her Advanced Diving certificate.

imageI, in the meantime, would be concentrating on writing and taking part in Nanowrimo.

For those who don’t know, Nanowrimo is an annual festival of madness where people around the globe try to write 50000 word novellas during the calendar month of November. Just thought I’d mention it…

Monday afternoon was mostly spent sleeping off jet-lag and acclimatising to the weather, while on Tuesday we explored the 0.6 acres of the island, found the dive shop and, with the aid of the management, had a belated celebration of Lady M’s birthday with a private candle lit dinner overlooking the lagoon.


Diving again!

Wednesday morning saw a successful recertification, and confirmation that my wife’s back is healed enough to be able to cope with the stresses of scuba diving without undoing 4 hard years of recuperation from prolapsed discs in her spine.

All was looking good until after a gentle dinner, we went for a walk along the beach under the stars. We stopped and sat for a while on a wooden swing bed, swaying gently, picking out constellations, planning the week and generally being romantic.

Then, as we got up to continue along the beach, one of the ropes holding the heavy wooden seat up snapped and it swung down to crash into her foot.

Initially in the darkness we thought it was just bruised, so I lifted it off her and helped her hobble back towards the lights of the restaurant. It rapidly became clear that blood was pouring out of her shoe, leaving a trail behind us. Quite what we looked like, stumbling out of the darkness covered in blood, I’m not sure, but as t’other half went into shock and half fainted, the staff leapt into action to help.

The doctor was called, and removal of the shoe revealed an inch or so long gash on the top of her foot that resisted all attempts to stop it bleeding. A pressure bandage was hastily applied and the hospital on the nearby island of Muli called and told to expect us. With Lady M semi conscious in a wheelchair from blood loss, we were rapidly escorted/carried onto a speedboat and away across the lagoon.

There was no messing about. We were taken in the island’s police car straight through the narrow streets to the hospital, where xrays were taken to check there were no broken bones. With the bleeding stopped and Jo more or less back in the room, four stitches were applied, and a mix of antibiotics, anti informalities and strong painkillers prescribed.

Then, racing to outrun an incoming storm, we were bundled back to the harbour for a midnight full throttle speedboat run back to the hotel. We got plenty of Big Air on the way back, which under other circumstances, I’m sure I would have enjoyed more.


Proof of life!

The staff took care of everything and were absolute stars the whole time. I really can’t praise them enough for the speed, efficiency, care and concern they demonstrated.

The aftermath has been… interesting…

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1 Response to Maldives Honeymoon : Part One

  1. evehermit says:

    It is not as if you guys deserved some well earned quiet downtime…


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