Maldives Honeymoon: Part Two

In the light of day, we were able to start working out what had happened, but first we had to cope with Lady M becoming something of a celebrity on the island. In large part this seemed to come from two distinct elements:


The scene of the crime

Firstly the staff here have been totally amazed by her calmness and cheerfulness both during and after the accident and our return to the island. We’d already become a cheerful fixture with the chefs in the restaurant due to our interest in their recipes and our willingness to chat freely with them. We don’t put on airs and graces, which seems to be a bit of a contrast to some of the people they get visiting. Seeing Jo continuing to be cheerful as I push her round in a wheelchair has brought smiles and conversations everywhere we go.


Enforced bed rest and sun worship

As Raj, the manager here, put it:  “we try to foster a positive mental attitude and approach to life here, but in you we are seeing a living example of everything we strive to be.”

The second source of amazement seems to come from those who witnessed our stumble out of the night, or who had been out on the beach and seen the ringed off swing and the blood trail back across the sands. We’ve lost track of the number of conversations we’ve been involved in or overheard telling the story of what happened.


The view from the bar

I won’t say we’re happy about it, but our honeymoon has certainly taken a more sedate turn of pace than we had planned. Having recertified, the plan was for t’other half to do her Advanced Diving certificate while I got on with writing, reading and propping up the bar, along with going on trips to the other islands or to see the local dolphins.

Instead we’ve been forced to stop running around and to enjoy quiet time together. Much of our calmness comes from the experience of knowing we’ve overcome far worse in recent years. When all is said, no matter how ugly it looks, it is just a flesh wound, and will heal quickly.

It also has to be said, there are far worse places to be recuperating from a foot injury than an island resort in the Maldives…


Even the coral is showing us love

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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