Games, Writing and Juggling Work

The trudge back to work in the new year has been somewhat dampened by the weather, but it has given me a nudge to write more, fleshing out the earlier chapters in my book to even out the pacing and give some depth to characters along the way. So far, so good…

It’s also got me playing more games – I’m continuing to play EVE, although at the moment it’s pretty much as a solo player as school takes up my daughter’s time. On the internet spaceships front I’m starting to pull back the corp assets, and may well close it down to go looking for a group to play with online. With a broad set of skill sets I can pretty much turn my hand to anything at this stage so we’ll see where fancy takes me.

Roll20 has restarted – and my glass cannon of a monk has been replaced with a wizard to step in for the wizard in the group who got killed and came back as a dragon in the last adventure. My character has already been heard to mutter about colleagues flitting off and leaving jobs undone just because they’ve undergone some form of personal growth. The Roll20 write-ups will return shortly.

I’ve also been playing Forza on the XBox One, as well as Star Wars Angry Birds. This has been something of a guilty pleasure, but one that is absolutely suited to playing side by side with the girls on the sofa as well as with any guests that might drop by. Meanwhile on the XBox 360 I’ve taken advantage of the free games for Gold membership to download and play Sleeping Dogs – and I’ve fallen in love with it, I have to admit, so far.

This weekend I’ve also been involved in the Closed Beta for Elder Scrolls Online – I can’t go into details because I’ve signed a non-disclosure agreement, but that’s been quite a time sink that Lady M has been enjoying peering over my shoulder at today.

This coming week sees the first Chatter Books session of the year, and I’ve been able to get a range of activities sorted out for that. There’s been quite a shake up in membership the last couple of months but it does seem to be settling down – in part due to a number of children being in the same class, and word of mouth being a potent form of advertising as ever.

Hopefully we’ll have the staff to cover for me properly or I’ll need to relocate the event from the children’s library to next to the main desk. In that case I’ll be shuffling between serving people and shepherding children through group discussions of their books and word exercises around the weather. Round and round we go…

About Tim Maidment

Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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