So what am I playing this week?

With Roll20 on hiatus for another week, I thought I’d quickly run through what I’m playing elsewhere as time allows. Lady M’s gift of a new 360 for my birthday has allowed me to finally get to grips with Batman: Arkham Origins, which I’ve been admiring from afar – although I was a little annoyed last night at 20% completion to find that my Cloud-based save had corrupted when I stopped to go meet her at the station.

Alright, there might have been a moment of swearing, but most of my game play to that point had been a little OCD-like clearing up of side quests rather than rampaging through the storyline, so I’ve just started again with a new plan of attack.

I’ve also been enjoying Assassin’s Creed 4 – again, not new on the market but one that was given as a combined birthday/anniversary gift and that I’d held off on buying because I knew it was coming as a gift at some point. I’ve only just started scratching the surface with it, but I’m somehow enjoying it more than I did the early stages of Assassin’s Creed 3, which I still have to complete on the PS3. Interestingly, Assassin’s Creed 3 is the only one of the series I haven’t played on the XBox platform – I wonder how much of my not being engaged is down to the different feel of the controller, which still feels more flimsy in my hands.

For our anniversary I was also given a copy of the new Thief game (“because you stole my heart”), which I’m still only on the initial tutorial sections of because, well, I have to also work and be a functioning adult from time to time. So far it looks gorgeous and plays smoothly, no doubt I’ll mutter about it shortly.

What else? Well we got a good deal from Amazon on GTA5 and God of War: Ascension on the PS3. I’ve only just started really with GTA’s story, and have hooked up with a couple of friends to start Online play, so I’ll report on the mayhem soon. Ascension is still in it’s shrink-wrap for now. I’ve not played any in the series before, but the graphics look incredible so I’ll spin it up soon. I’m still running through Skyrim and Saint’s Row 4, having totally loved the obscene and over the top humour of Saint’s Row 3. SR4 already feels just the right levels of silly, so I can see a lot more slogging through that – even as I lose myself in the sandbox nature of the game.

I think what I’ve learned about my console gaming is that I’m drawn to the open world sandbox games rather than the more linear games – which probably accounts for why I’m still so drawn to the slow-burn of EVE Online even though I’ve not had the time recently to do much with it. I also keep going back to Fallen London as my browser game of choice – again for that slow-burn time-sink nature that keeps me just popping in.

So, I’ve definitely got a bit of a magpie eye for the shiny side quests and things to discover in my games – and that absolutely slows down my progress through them. I really should finish Fallout: New Vegas at some point, not to mention finish drawing those maps for the Eberron campaign and carry on with the novel and other side jobs that keep waving at me…

Right, back to the grind.

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