Roll20: Picking Fights

The adventure in the wild west of Darguun this week was hampered a bit by my losing my voice. All the same, we struggled on, mostly by my turning up the microphone on my webcam and employing meaningful gestures and facial exxpressions to supplement my croaks and groans.

The adventurers were able to find Failin, late of House Orien, and negotiated passage with him to the lost village of Rose Quarry, near the boundary of the Mournland. It took a little back and forth, but the bard’s eloquence and the production of a letter of recommendation from House Orien (that had been given as reward for their valiant defence of the lightning rail) sufficed to bring the costs down. As they closed the deal, a trio of bugbear thugs appeared, intent on beating Failin for his perceived cheating of them out of something. No adventure is ever complete without a bar fight, and this was no exception. It was brief and one-sided, complicated only by the arrival mid-fight of a hobgoblin market guard and two goblins that had been “physically encouraged” by the thief to provide information on Failin’s location during the previous session.

After a quick break to buy supplies (and for me to get more drinks to ease my throat), they then met up with Failin and his elemental-powered cart for the five day journey to Rose Quarry. According to Faliin, the quarry used to belong to the nation of Cyre, and was the source of much of the red marble used in House Cannith buildings across the continent; but had been deserted since the Day of Mourning and nominally claimed now by Darguun.

This confirmed the group’s information that a hidden Cannith facility was nearby, and that the way to find it was still located in the ruined village. Unfortunately the group found that they were not the first people here. A large camp of human soldiers, enhanced with undead, had set up in the blasted ruins.

The ruins themselves also had an unusual quality, being seemingly drowned in molten glass in some great disaster. As night fell, the group began to sneak through the ruins, evading the small bands of glass-coated zombie dwarves that had been set to both patrol the area and to continue clearing the covering away. An idle thought that some form of diversion might distract the soldiers was taken up by the barbarian – who duly strolled up to the soldiers on picket duty and picked a fight.

Carnage ensued and is, as they say, to be continued…

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