Lost Voice and other medical oddities

This hasn’t been the most comfortable week, physically, due to a virus that seems to be doing the rounds and that has made me lose my voice. I’m normally fairly resilient when it comes to the assorted illnesses that sweep through the area, but this seems to have really knocked me sideways. I’ve had a tickly cough that occasionally veers into deeper chesty racking and then back up to dry and irritating, and then of course there was the voice. Even that hasn’t been consistent. At some points I’ve had the pain from irritation and sometimes it’s just been squeaky or just plain shut down.

Much to Lady M’s annoyance, rather than just keeping silent, I’ve kept trying to talk – which is most likely why I’m now over a week into this and still discovering on an hourly basis a new way for my vocal cords to misbehave. I’m definitely getting better, which is a relief, but there’s a way to go yet.

The other fun and games have come about through my diabetes checkup – which for the most part has all been good news. My cholesterol, sugars and iron levels have all been exactly as they should be, and I’ve lost a little more weight. All things to be happy about then? On those elements, yes – but my blood pressure now seems to be a bone of contention.

It has been mentioned a couple of times in the most recent checkups, but with no real sense of urgency – and given how everything else was fine and that the general trend of the blood pressure was downwards, there didn’t seem to be much to worry about. This time around though, I’ve had to see a different nurse, and I’m guessing there’s a new agenda in town, because I’ve been asked back several weeks in a row to check on it and now mention is being made of needing medication.

Um – not an option I’m happy about – so I’ve insisted on another couple of weeks on the basis that the illness and general stress levels are forcing the results up, and have arranged to talk to my usual nurse. I’ve upped the amount of walking I do (according to my pedometer I’m already doing a good brisk five miles a day), am focusing on weight more, and have decided to dust off the exercise bike so that I’m not hostage to the unsettled weather we’re having.

Grrr, grump, roll on payday…

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