Summer’s here at last

OK, technically that’s true because it’s the Summer Solstice (The longest day of the year), and so officially the beginning of Summer in the northern hemisphere. But today has also felt, suddenly, like Summer as opposed to a generally undifferentiated sunny and warm weekend day.

A bench in the sunlight
The only way this could be more summery would be to stick a barbecue on it.

How can I define that? Well I think its a combination of factors. They range from the purely physical sensation of sunlight and gentle breezes, to the sight and sounds of kids playing games on the grass in the middle of the estate and the feel that, actually, life is not so bad. I’ve watched my daughter riding possibly the world’s most neurotic horse in the glorious sunshine, and then spent the afternoon with family and friends at a small informal gathering at one of my brothers’ houses.

Money may be tight – but it’s pay day next week and we have enough food in the larder to see us through – and compared to many people that’s wealth enough. I have to also put my hand on my heart and admit that a large part of money being tight this month is down to our having just paid the final instalment on our Summer Holiday. There’s all sorts of amazing shenanigans lined up for that, so I’m happy to just rest quietly in anticipation.

Being British however, I will no doubt find myself complaining about the heat while I work, and will find a secret joy in rain clouds descending on the country in short order – but that’s what a British Summer is and to paraphrase Bill Bailey, we all crave disappointment here…

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