Updates and Medications

It’s already Wednesday? How did that happen? The most recent Roll20 session writeup has just been posted, for those who are following that. We all had a great deal of fun, mixed with fear and it all got sufficiently shouty that Lady M had to poke her head round the door to tell me to keep the noise down. I shall be endeavouring to only wear one headphone at a time in future to keep my sense of perspective on the amount of noise I’m making!

This week has also seen the battle against starting on blood pressure medication end. I’ve impressed on my GP that I need information if she wants me to give informed consent to anything, and that I continue to take an active interest in managing my condition(s). By far the biggest headache for me was the ongoing protestations that if I was not diabetic, then my blood pressure would be entirely within the bounds of normality.

The context in which it has been put to me today however is that diabetics rarely die of diabetes, but instead from the other conditions surrounding it. In particular those around kidney function and the cardiovascular system. I’m already using a low dose of statins to keep a lid on my cholesterol and I have been asked to start using an ACE inhibitor called Rampiril. ACE stands for Agiotensin Converting Enzyme.

Rampiril apparently works by decreasing my body’s production of substances that can raise blood pressure; makes my blood vessels widen and relax; and makes it easier for my heart to pump blood around my body. The main things from my reading through of the comprehensive leaflet in the packaging seem to be to avoid ibuprofen and aspirin, watch out for dizziness and headaches while getting used to the new dosage and possibly getting a cough – in which case there’s an alternative that they will give me. There’s also mention of possibly bruising more easily, and possibly kidney and liver damage – wait? what?

Well yes, possibly, which is why there’s an alternative that I could be switched to, but is also why I need to go for a blood test in three week’s time to double check all is well, and another drug review in six weeks (just in time before I go away on holiday – lovely timing).

Oh well, nearly pay day, woo hoo!