Quick Roundup

This week’s innuendo-packed special edition of our weekly Roll20 D&D session is now up under Chapter Two of the Wartorn campaign. It was deeply amusing for several of the wrong reasons and is about as childish in humour as you could hope for under the circumstances.

In other news, I’m still trying to rebalance my diet as I adjust to my new meds – I seem to be suffering from the sulphur burps again, which my reading suggests is down to my digestive system slowing down. Its fairly antisocial, so I’m drowning my system with extra water, Rennies and cutting proteins and sugars even more from my diet. Hopefully I won’t have to compromise too much.

I’ve also started a Tumblr, which is about as random, but will probably where I snap sketches and doodles too, along with other gaming related bits and pieces

Now off to carry on building displays for this summer’s Mythical Maze event at the library. I’ve more or less sorted out Anansi, now to finish off Nessie…

Waiting for Visitors
Waiting for Visitors