Monday Gaming

This week’s Eberron D&D game writeup has been posted, featuring a long road trip and unexpected pyrotechnics and hints of shenanigans to come…

I’m finding that running a game that’s an extended chase scene is posing challenges in terms of pacing the sessions. In theory it’s simple enough, with a number of key scenes to get through, threaded by whatever paths the chase takes, but keeping the momentum going is proving interesting. The players are used to being able to dictate the pace of adventures to a degree, and there’s a certain comfort zone that comes with refereeing games like that. Taking them on a rollercoaster is certainly challenging me, and I hope they’re enjoying the ride – even if it’s with a degree of trepidation at the scale of the challenge ahead of them.

In other gaming-related news, there’s been a slight tweak to Ingress, where portals degrade faster. This, for me, is good news, as it gives me more reasons to keep doing the 5-6 mile walks needed to do the walking circuits in my area – exercise, woo hoo!

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