Rushing Around

I’m behind with this week’s session write-up, so that’ll likely go up this weekend as I’ve had one of those weeks that suddenly revved up and spun into a rocket-fuelled rampage when I wasn’t looking. It’s nothing traumatic or unpleasant, and truth be told its nice to be busy, but the weekly session write-up is just something that had to fall by the wayside to let cool things and work happen.

I’ve made a decision that seems logical right at this moment but will probably make me mutter under my breath while I adjust to it – and that’s to get up when Lady M gets ready for her daily rampage around London and get straight to my laptop to work at six (or thereabouts) in the morning so that I can get a good couple of hours minimum in per day, even on days when I’m then expected at the library. As pleasant as the option to lie in on days when I’m not scaring small children and distracted parents is, I need to impose the discipline and structure on my day so that I can meet deadlines, work on my own material, do household chores and still keep to my exercise routine.

It’ll either be wildly successful or I’ll have a small psychotic break – either way it’ll be entertaining, I’m sure. Right, back to work for another half hour, then off to the library for the day, then it’s Friday night so hopefully off to see Guardians of the Galaxy 🙂