Disney Day Three

My original Day Three post seems to have disappeared, and as the app on my phone is refusing to show me an edit history I’m just going to rabbit out another one to fill the gap.

We’ve booked in three days to cover Universal Studios, with today being our first visit. The next one will be to the Islands of Adventure and our third will tackle the Harry Potter experience across both parks.

Our journey was okay, despite it being only my second drive since we’ve arrived – we’ve been using the bus to get between Disney locations because it feels less dangerous for the locals. My only gripe on arrival was to find that the park wifi barely qualified for the term ‘spotty’. We could connect, but good luck getting anything else to happen.

I could just say we’ve been spoiled by the seemingly omnipresent guest wifi at Disney,

but having worked on wifi rollouts this really shouldn’t be happening and its a dumb reputational hit to expose yourself, especially with the kind of budgets Universal has. Either roll out wifi that works or lock it off until you’ve sorted your coverage, bandwidth throttling and dead spots. It isn’t rocket science.

That grump aside, we had a really good time. Our favourite physical rollercoasters were Rip-it-ride-it-rocket and The Mummy, with an honourable mention to the MIB three hour walk through of the science show in which absolutely nothing happened and nobody got vapourised in a Bug attack.


This was also our first experience of high end virtual rollercoasters. Despicable Me won top spot in our affections, with Transformers and The Simpsons coming in a close second. If nothing else, we learned that Lady M seems to have shed her fear of heights, which is a good thing.

Keeping hydrated wasn’t a problem either, with plenty of places to get drinks around the park. We discovered Icees, and all was well from there.

The evening meal was a slightly disappointing late evening booking at the Grill at our own resort. Granted, we were tired and battered so not firing on all cylinders, but service and meal quality was just slightly average as opposed to the sparkle of the first two nights.