Disney Day Eight

And the WordPress App strikes again..! I’ve just had a local draft overwrite itself due to a failed media upload while travelling, much to my irritation. So here goes with another go at talking about our first day at the Magic Kingdom:

Entrance to the Magic Kingdom

Lady M has, I think it’s fair to say, been just the tiniest bit excited about coming to Disney. Monthly and then daily countdowns have entertained those of us who know and love her, and confused those working with her for the first time.

In large part it’s because, as she’s the first to tell you, she’s been planning to get here for over thirty years. We’ll draw a discrete veil over the precise number, mainly because to all intents and purposes she’s been reverting into a six year old. So it was always going to be emotional.


Yes, there was a wobbly lip and tears as we entered Main Street and the castle came into view, but then the adrenaline kicked in and we began our first day of assault (there’s another couple of days planned).

Space Mountain, the People Mover and Buzz Lightyear fell quickly. We took advantage of shade and air conditioning where we could as the temperatures continued to rise into the mid thirties centigrade, but even so it was starting to feel a bit of a slog by the time we’d conquered Thunder Mountain and posed with Chip and Dale.

After a break from lunch we rode the steam train round the park and then jumped on the Barnstormer before using a Fastpass for the new Seven Dwarves ride. It’s a great runaway train ride with humour and nostalgia seasoning the mix and I look forward to riding it again.

House of Blues, Disney Downtown

A quick stop for some music and we were beginning to wilt, so we headed back to Downtown Disney to eat at the House of Blues. The food was good, and the ambience pleasant enough but the feel of the place was rather like a puppy trying to pretend it was a rattlesnake. Perhaps I’ve known a few low dives over the years for comparison…

Then we caught a late showing of Guardians of the Galaxy because Charleesi hadn’t seen it yet, so it was the very early hours of the morning before we crawled into bed…