Being British in Florida 1

I love watching people and working out what makes them tick. Nine times out of ten it’s out of curiosity rather than trying to locate the levers to influence them, and it can be a fun fantasy game to come up with a back story for someone and then seeing how wide of the mark I am. If nothing else it’s good practice for creating characters in my stories and games.

It probably comes as no surprise then that I’ve been paying attention to a few odds and ends while we’re out here and making some observations. I’ll bounce a few into the feed as we go:

The first is a small thing, but it amuses me. I’m making a point of being as unfailingly polite as possible and refining my accent where possible. Quite aside from the joy of the smiles this tends to bring, I’m enjoying watching the confusion when I thank them “very much” for their help/service/letting me on the bus.

For some reason this seems to short circuit the brain-mouth link, and I get a variety of suppressed splutters in response. The most common reply usually ends up being ” You’re, uh, um, very welcome?”

You don’t need to match my quantifiers, but thanks for playing 🙂

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