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There’s some small game or other come out this week by the name of Destiny and I’ve been greatly enjoying it. I’ve also been back in the swing of writing articles. For some reason, at least one client seemed rather surprised that the speed at which articles were produced had not been compromised by my playing it – I’m rather proud of that (quietly)

Well, I would be if I actually had any great problem with keeping some degree of discipline and time-keeping but fortunately I’ve developed enough little tricks over the years to reward myself to sticking to the keyboard. It’s not perfect, especially on days where inspiration is running a little thin, but I get by.

So I’ll write a bit about Destiny soon, now I’ve had a chance to get my teeth into it. I’d say I’m a distinctly average and casual gamer, so don’t expect exacting under the hood comparisons and tales of ‘l33t’ braggadacio. There may be the odd wry chuckle however.

Meanwhile, I’ve surrendered the controller to Lady M so that she can start playing it while I type up this week’s D&D Eberron game. One of the ways that I could tell this game would be good was how she enjoyed the Beta much more than playing Titanfall. It’s good to be an inclusive gaming household again. With any luck we’ll be able to hook up with Lady P as she plays on her console, and indeed with a number of our other friends to get some regular nights going.

I’m looking forward to this.

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