So, I seem to be about to do some cosplaying

We’re going to go to a Thorpe Park Fright Night again this year, having enjoyed it so much last year. The difference is that this year we’re going to go in costume, having seen quite a few people do it last year. We had such fun at Universal Studios this summer that it seemed perfectly right when my daughter suggested that we go as Death Eaters… so decision made. Then I mentioned the plan to Lady P and how we had no intention of going anywhere near the Fright Houses and she was in too. So that’s four of us unless we get any last-minute additions, who are all going as Death Eaters.

suppliesMy daughter has supplied capes and raided her mother’s boot supply for her costume, while I spent a fun hour or two yesterday wandering around Kingston in various costume and art supply stores. I’ve found some plain masks to use as the foundations for the papier mache construction suggested by the designs that my daughter has been quietly putting up on Pinterest, and a selection of black, white, silver and gold acrylic paints and black ink.

I used to paint figures for our tabletop roleplay games, including the odd bit of Warhammer 40k, so I’m used to working with acrylics to create metallic effects. That means that the transformation of the raw materials holds no terrors for me. Tomorrow morning we’ll be designing the masks themselves and I’ll paint them up when the papier mache is dry.

masksThe wands we bought at Olivander’s will complete the look, but I’ve a few additional wrinkles up my sleeves for the night, if the things I’ve ordered come through in time. If they don’t, there’s enough elements for the night.

The follow on from this is that Lady P is already a cosplayer, having a fondness for Merida and assorted characters as who she attends various conventions. It was only a short hop from doing this preparation to agree to all turn up to the MCM expo in London later in October with her and some of her friends – so hey, there’s at least two outings of the Death Eater family to look forward to.

Wish us luck?


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Writer, House Husband, Library Person, Raconteur, Poly, Queer and Bon Vivant. You were expecting something simple?
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1 Response to So, I seem to be about to do some cosplaying

  1. Cosplay? The new word for fancy-dress πŸ˜‰ Hope it goes great πŸ™‚


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