Hospitals and Runarounds

Another busy week – this week’s game has been written up, with lots of tentacle-on-thief action and surprisingly soggy vampires to boot. We’re getting closer to the final conflict with the vampire and his blade, and I suspect it will either end up as a battle royale or a rather swift bit of lateral thinking will rip the floor out from under the planned set pieces. Not to worry, I’ve plenty more material and surprises for the group – Roll20 has totally transformed our Monday evenings, so I suspect there would be riots if I downed tools so soon.

This week has also seen the start in earnest of my daughter’s looking at places to study her A and AS levels, so I’ve found myself wandering around schools and sixth form colleges – or whatever they’re calling themselves now – finding it all bringing back memories of when I worked IT tech support at West Thames College back in the late nineties. The same smells and slightly faded paintwork, the long corridors of hard-wearing carpet and bare-bones laboratories and classrooms that don’t do justice to the teaching expertise that can shine there.

I suppose I could wax lyrical about where all the time has gone since my little girl was a bundle in my arms, but I’d rather be proud of the self assured and formidable young lady who stood with me and her mother in classrooms and positively glowed as new learning options unfolded in front of her. I loved how she looked at the course requirements for each of the options she was interested in, and found it all reinforcing how she can basically turn her hand to anything she wants because of all her hard work, aptitude and attitude. A proud daddy? Of course I am.

We also found out this week that Lady M’s labyrinthitis could be treated with the Epley maneuver as we sought a private referral to get to the root of her ongoing balance issues. So far there’s a marked improvement, though she has to try and sleep sitting up for the next week or so to help her inner ear settle down. Fingers crossed she’ll be back to normal soon.

Meanwhile, the black dog is biting a bit this week so I’m keeping a quiet eye on that, but then it’s that time of year so only to be expected. Ho hum, onward and upward.