And another Game chapter done

Monday night saw the end of what I’m calling Chapter Two of the Eberron-set Dungeons and Dragons game we’ve been playing. I’ve been using a mix of published and homebrew content again, inserting scenes and encounters to try and match the challenge set by my formidably adaptive and inventive players.

They’ve come through the trauma of losing their most potent warrior in-game to finally take down their prey, the vampire master spy Lucan, and made their way home successfully – so what next?

Eberron Motivator featuring a mage in near-modern dress

Just in case you were still expecting dungeon crawls all the time…

Well, there’s already material prepared to tie up loose ends from the first big adventure, and I’m hoping to tie that fairly seamlessly into an adaptation of some other material that I’ve had hanging around on my bookshelf for quite a few years now. I think it’s safe to say that they won’t be running out of horrible things to fight and outwit for quite some time yet.

Travelling has seemed to work quite well in the last two chapters, so I’ll carry on using vehicular mass transit as a good excuse to stage set-piece encounters. They allow me to set environmental challenges that have so far concentrated their minds in different ways. Battles on the top of moving lightning rail trains and surviving the aftermath of colliding airships have forced them to adopt innovative solutions to survive and thrive. They’ve overcome trials on land, and in the air, so we’ll see how they fare on the sea next probably.

Knowing they occasionally sneak a peek at the blog side of this site, not just the game write-ups, that last paragraph is either a spoiler or an elaborate double-bluff – as was my revealing a photograph of the cover of an adventure in my collection on Facebook this afternoon. My Evil GM side must be showing…

We’ll be taking a hiatus of a week from the game, mostly because next week it’s Lady M’s birthday – which she claims to have totally forgotten, but I’m not falling for that one in the slightest – and partly to allow the player who lost his character some time to come up with a replacement and for me to draw up a new set of digital maps to torture them all on.

Fun fun…

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