MCM London

We had a great time at Comic Con at the Excel Centre last weekend. It was the first one I’ve been to in many years, and the first ever for C and Lady M, so there was a lot to take in.

By far and away the biggest difference I noticed was the surge in cosplay and the sheer range of genres and fandoms represented. Homestuck fans rubbed shoulders with Assassins Creed variants, and the world of Harry Potter trolled the Warhammer 40k players mercilessly.

The sheer visual input was overwhelming, and fortunately we were able to wander in and out of the building pretty freely with our passes to get fresh air when needed.

Lady P divided her time between us, friends and photographers. Her Merida costume seemed to be a beacon to everyone, while we Death Eaters lurked in the shadows.

We caught the panel for Lego Batman 3, which looks awesome and admired many stores and games at length while keeping our hands firmly in pocket.

Will we be back in May? Almost certainly, though C will have exams looming so I suspect she’ll focus on her photography rather than a costume.

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