No game update this week

Unusually for me, the lack of a game update this week is entirely deliberate rather than the result of being busy and/or unable to plan my days.

Instead it was Lady M’s birthday, which is always something she tries to keep low key, and which the universe usually conspires to help keep that way. Our initial plans this year for a quiet drink down the local pub evolved into a bottle of wine, chocolate cake and a viewing of Skyfall from the safety of our sofa instead, refuting the claims that we live a rock and roll lifestyle.

It’s probably for the best with so many painful anniversaries and oddities around at this time of year. I know I can be a funny old sod from time to time, but this year just seems to have front-loaded November with things to endure, not just for me but for many friends and family. It all just seems a bit raw this year.

As a result I can only offer the notion that my normal laconic knuckle-scraping humour will return sooner rather than later, so bear with me.

The game returns next week, if nothing else, so let’s see where that takes us. I’d better get map making…