A quiet day

It’s been a very restless night, so once Lady M left this morning to go slay the dragons at work, I have to admit I collapsed back into bed for a few more hours before getting up about half ten (oh, the luxury!) to potter around the house. One of the useful things I find when I’m not having a great day is to fire up the XBox and shoot things online for a while, so I make no bones about having used up a couple of hours doing that, in between taking in deliveries of Christmas presents and items being delivered to neighbours. I’m mostly dividing my time at present between Destiny and Thief (which Lady M bought me for my birthday last year and which has been languishing on a shelf while I’ve been distracted with other games this year).

I’m in the hard slog with Destiny of trying to level up in the high twenties now, which comes only from completing missions and/or competing in multiplayer combat. I’ve had a bit of a sideways slip by accidentally leaving a Dead Orbit Warlock Bond equipped while doing vanguard missions, so all the experience from those went to the faction rather than towards getting my vanguard level up so that I could buy effective armour and weapons to increase my Light level. (Whoops) Now I’ve corrected that I’m going full steam ahead to try and get to level 28 and have a reasonable chance at doing the Vault of Glass Raid. The PvP side of things I’m mostly only dipping into as I’m average at best when it comes to that.

In Thief I’ve just finished the second mission and am enjoying dipping into the stealth play and collectible searching side of it. There’s a lot of it that seems to have similarities with Dishonoured – which is no bad thing as that’s another game I’ve played an awful lot of over the last couple of years. In both games there’s a certain Victorian early steampunk/industrial age feel, a sickness sweeping the streets and an authoritarian response that sees guards everywhere. It feels very immersive, and there’s enough world-building with papers and letters to be read to keep my interest.

This afternoon I’m mostly working away on nanowrimo and gaming material in the local Harris and Hoole, and time is rushing past suddenly, so I’d better get back to it so I can finish and prep some food for when Lady M returns. Tomorrow, it’s back to the library and all the chaos and fun to be found there, so here’s hoping for better sleep tonight…

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