Eberron and Large Mocha Days

Week two of this phase of the Eberron campaign has been posted; and looking back at it, I seem to be adopting a more editorial tone there than usual – probably because it was one of those sessions where the dice played tricks and it felt like we were still finding a new equilibrium in terms of who has what role within the group.

The role filled by Koff is being largely filled by another player who has rebalanced their character a little to add some muscle to the largely mobility-based feats he had been taking. The new character is a wizard – specifically an Evoker – so there are some powerful attacking magics to hand there that look likely to change the flow of the battles to come. I may have to do some on-the-fly jury-rigging of encounters until I get the balance again. Still, it does now make the group more rounded than it was, and provides a far wider bag of tricks and skills that they can use to overcome the encounters heading their way.

Meanwhile in reality, my off-the cuff labelling of rough days as “large mocha days” to the staff at our local Harris and Hoole has been adopted for their own use today. Apparently there was a sewage pipe break in the Tesco that the unit is based in last night, and it still hadn’t been cleared when staff turned up this morning.

By the time I arrived this afternoon on my way to pick up some food for tonight, things had returned more or less to normal and they had been given the all clear by environmental health/health and safety/powers that be – and they all looked completely frazzled around the edges. This was where I learned that the term “large mocha day” had been adopted. I feel strangely proud of that.

In other news, I’ve had to strap my wrist – some sort of RSI-type injury from writing/drawing/shelving/using computers at strange angles thing that is slowly getting better but has reintroduced me to the delights of Deep Heat. I’m hoping it will be recovered by the end of the week. Ho hum.