End of the year

So farewell 2014, and hi 2015. We’ve had a bit of a wobbly journey, but overall it’s not been too bad for us on a personal level. Certainly, compared to some of the previous recent years it has been a huge improvement. We’ve had enough to eat, and hardly any angsting over bills, so that’s been good.

Death Eaters Anonymous

We’ve had some grand adventures, with Disney, Universal and Busch Gardens in Florida doing their best to shake us up. The Kennedy Space Centre is a place that will stay vividly in my mind’s eye for quite some time.  We did the Thorpe Park Fright Night in costume, and then attended Comiccon for the first time, attending as a family of Death Eaters.

All in all, a pretty good year, especially with new friends made and job opportunities coming along for Lady M. I even made enough from the writing to have to pay some tax on my earnings, which feels strangely novel as an achievement.

Lady M’s foot continues to heal, while my depression and PTSD have occasionally flared up enough to have to take notice of them, but grim determination and stubbornness are a great set of tools. So we keep on keeping on.

What does 2015 bring? The new job for Lady M starts on Monday, and there are restructures at the library too, so there may be opportunities there. Otherwise I’m considering applying for some technical author roles and looking into training as a counsellor, so hopefully some of those will bear fruit as I finish the novel. I’m also intending to self publish some short stories this year, so I’d better get cracking on completing those too

So, come on 2015, let’s see what you’re made of!

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