Unexpected Christmas Gift

One of the presents I got for Christmas was Assassins Creed Unity for the XBox One. I’m enjoying it very much, thank yoy, and I’ll talk about it another time. Instead I’m standing in the rain looking at a little extra that came with it.

When buying games, we try to buy the special editions. Statues, concept art and soundtracks from our favourite games fill the flat, but its safe to say I’ve not been quite so taken with an extra as the fob watch that I got with Unity.

It mirrors a similar item of significance used by the main character, and appears to be an old, battered and scarred device of brushed metal. It has a small assassins creed logo on the lid but looks generaĺly unremarkable.

My new watch

When I first opened it, I thought it was a prop item, and vaguely thought about how I could display it. Lady M said she was a bit disappointed by what we’d got as an extra in this game, until I turned over and read the small leaflet in the box.

It turned out that this was actually a fully functional manual wind fob watch, with a beautiful interior and just the softest tick as I started it going. Since then, it has gone pretty much everywhere with me.

I’ve quickly grown to love the routine of winding it in the morning, and it seems to keep good time. There’s something rather reassuring about the steady motion of the mechanisms and the sweep of the second hand. The geek in me loves that there’s no digital elements to it. It is a purely analogue device, and one that to my eyes carries a certain flair and elegance.

It even seems to lend a certain authority in some circumstances. Nothing seems to quieten certain customers more than my referring to my new watch in answer to a query about time remaining to them on a public internet terminal or about opening hours…

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