Back to work

Okay – it’s a bit of a misdirection because my first day back at the library was on Friday, but today was the first real week back after the festive break, and some new writing jobs came in as well. As a result my nose feels well and truly back to the grindstone. We also had our first game session of the new year this evening, which went really, really well. I’m expecting to write that up properly over the next day or so as usual, fitting it around everything else.

Suffice to say that the merry adventurers survived the tiger that came to tea, and began their investigations into the giant ruins, looking for the Emerald Claw troops who seem to have disappeared into its depths. They have come away with a far greater appreciation of the size of the place, I think, and a reasonable compromise between traditional dungeon crawling and cautious delving seems to be the order of the day.

In other news, Lady M started her new job today – bit of a shame she had a sub-migraine headache to go with it. I’ve settled her in the dark in the other room and tried not to make too much noise while we gamed. I have to say it was fantastic to have her home at a decent time. The new job has cut her commute pretty much in half, so we can actually contemplate having evenings together on a regular basis again – yay!

Oh, did we start already?

I heard someone on the radio today saying that it didn’t feel as if the new year had quite started yet. This may be because of leave taken this last couple of weeks but it certainly chimed with me, even though I returned to work on Friday. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time off, despite the chaos that the richer diet has played on my waist and health. Returning to a leaner diet and sparser meals is probably not something that many people crave, but I already feel brighter for returning to having two good meals a day rather than grazing my way through the week.

We had a belated staff meal for the festive season last night, so of course the topic of resolutions came up. I was a little stumped for a moment, before I remembered that I don’t do resolutions. Instead, prompted by Lady M’s practice, I set goals. So this year’s goals are:

1) To post something every day – which I’ve basically started these last few days, and which is already getting me thinking about how to manage my content and time more effectively.
2) To get my weight consistently below 15stone. I was about fifteen and a half stone before Christmas so there’s a bit if damage to undo. Not only am I enjoying being thinner, but it helps me manage my diabetes more efficiently.
3) To finish and self-publish a collection of short stories, because I’ve already started and it will demonstrate to myself that I can complete complex targets. If it sells any copies, well that will be a bonus.
4) To finish the novel and start trying to find an agent to help me sell it and the ideas for follow-ups that I have. I didn’t manage it last year through a combination of other work and distractions, but I did break the back of my projected word count so I need to press on both with new material and transcribing what’s in the notebooks. Current estimate is that I’m around the 80k-90k mark.

So there we go. Busy year to come, and I’m going to be awesome, dammit!