Disney has revealed Mickey Mouse is hidden in a bunch of its movies and it’s the coolest thing ever

Given the sheer number of Mickey nods at Disney resorts, parks, and material, this doesn’t surprise me too much, maybe more that it’s not been noticed by so many people before now as a series of visual Easter eggs 🙂


Disney animators have highlighted some hidden Mickey Mouse symbols in their films and it is just the coolest.

Animators at Disney like to hide Mickey Mouse inside various Disney scenes.

In a blog post on Disney.com, the studio have listed a handful of Disney movies that have Mickey Mouse (or the Mickey Mouse symbol) hidden somewhere in certain scenes.

Some are easy to spot, while others take a bit of finding. Or perhaps you’re an eagle-eyed Disney fan and you’ve spotted most of these already?

Have a look through our click-to-reveal gallery below.

1. The Lion King

[metro-clicky front=”5008818″ rear=”5008901″ caption_front=”Can you spot Mickey?” caption_rear=”He’s way, way back among the grubs” credits=”Walt Disney via blogs.disney.com”]

2. Snow White

[metro-clicky front=”5008897″ rear=”5008815″ caption_front=”Can you spot Mickey?” caption_rear=”He’s in the bubbles” credits=”Walt Disney via blogs.disney.com”]

3. Frozen

[metro-clicky front=”5008819″ rear=”5008899″ caption_front=”Can you spot Mickey?” caption_rear=”Very tricky one” credits=”Walt Disney via blogs.disney.com”]


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