Monday Shenanigans

A new week and another day at the library. It was raining today so, inevitably, our networks began to play up. Machines began to experience slowed connection to the library network, which suggests to me that something, somewhere is getting shorted by a leak.

So, there were a few frayed tempers, and we muttered quietly to ourselves between placating disappointed customers, but it was still actually quite a good day. It was busy enough to keep us distracted, but rarely frantic. I even managed to tackle some stock transfers and tidy the workroom a bit.

Sadly, because I have to pretend to be a respectable and gainfully employed library person, I wasn’t able to show off the new T-shirt I got from Lady P yesterday. This boldly advises people trust me because I’m a gamer. Instead I wore it under a light jumper, and had it on display during this evening’s session.


I’m looking forward to writing up today’s game as it barrelled into full-on Conan the Adventurer pulp territory this week. There was a gargantuan scorpion worshipped as a tribal deity; and a sealed chamber containing the animated skeletons of the ancient giants who once ruled the area. It was intense, with a few moments where I wondered if I’d thrown too much at them, but my players rallied magnificently and were victorious. I still managed to leave them with a cliffhanger though.

Let’s see what awesomeness we can get up to tomorrow.