Articles and Powercuts

It’s been a bit of a mixed day, at least for those around me. My day has gone rather well, with articles flying off the presses and some pleasant chats with various people through the day.

Keep Calm and Use the Konami Code

Others seem not to have been so lucky. My local supermarket seemed to be plunged into darkness when I wandered over to get some bread. Apparently they lost everything except emergency power midmorning, so the freezer aisles were barricaded off, and the various cold cabinets were under close scrutiny as I picked up my groceries. About half the lights were still going, as well as the tills and self service units but everywhere else seemed paralysed.

The coffee shop wasn’t faring much better, what with being on the same electrical board. The manager had sent most of the staff home and was offering cold drinks and cake to any lost souls that ventured in. I stopped in for a chinwag and then beat a hasty retreat in case shadow demons emerged from the kitchen to drag me away.

I must have got into the zone with the writing after that as the next time I consciously checked the time it was gone five pm. Lady M returned home, muttering under her breath about various work related things in her usual stream of consciousness decompression monologue, and then in quick succession we each received phonecalls from friends in need of safe venting.

What’s left of the evening has gone in a blur of paella, wine and comedy shows – a surefire way to dispel worries. Everyone else seems to have had an odd or stressful day, but I haven’t so at least I’ve been able to be a point of stability for other people. It feels good to be able to do that for other people, rather than relying on it from them.